Great ScrumMaster Academy

Being a great ScrumMaster is a journey

The Great ScrumMaster Academy will build on top of your Agile mindset, and Scrum experience and help you to skyrocket the success by building great high-performing teams.

Lead and supervised by Zuzi Sochova, author of the Great ScrumMaster: #ScrumMasterWay Book and The Agile Leader: Leveraging the Power of Influence.

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ScrumMaster Path to CSP

Being ScrumMaster is never ending learning starting as a Path to Certified Scrum Professional CSP which shall guide you on your journey to become the great ScrumMaster. In order to apply to the Advanced ScrumMaster, you need to have at least one year of work experience specific to the ScrumMaster role.

ScrumMaster Path to Certified Scrum Professional - CSP

During the…

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) you start your great ScrumMaster journey.

Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM) you prove that you can work with and facilitate dialogue within teams.

Certified Scrum Professional-ScrumMaster (CSP-SM) you prove you can work with the organization and extend the impact of Scrum throughout the organization.

Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) you learn about Agile Product Ownership and practice the product  discovery process.

Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) you focus on impact and deepen your product ownership skills.

Certified Scrum Professional-Product Owner (CSP-PO) you solidify your approaches for validating product assumptions, learn advanced interactions with customers and users and master your product ownership skills.

When is the right time to join?

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM):
 I have a core Agile and Scrum knowledge and looking for deepen my understanding of ScrumMaster role.


A-CSM - Advanced Certified Scrum MasterAdvanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM): I worked with a Scrum Team for a year, and have started to reach the limits of impact without proper facilitation skills and system understanding.


CSP-SM - Certified Scrum Professional - ScrumMasterCertified Scrum Professional-ScrumMaster (CSP-SM): I started working with one or more Scrum Teams, likely participates in organizational change initiatives, can dig through to root causes, and need guidance in complex approaches to address them.

Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO):
I worked as a Product Owner for a year, and I’m ready to take ownership for collaboration with the stakeholders, creating the vision, product goals, and roadmaps.


Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO):
I worked as a Product Owner for a year, and I’m looking for deepening my Product Owner skills. 


Certified Scrum Professional-Product Owner (CSP-PO):
I worked as a Product Owner for two years, and I am ready to focus on creating a strategy, business model, and release plan.


Great ScrumMaster and Agile Leader Books

The Great ScrumMaster Book

I’m the author of The Great ScrumMaster: ScrumMasterWay book which is a guidebook for all ScrumMasters, Agile coaches and leaders who want to transform their organizations.

Zuzi Sochova, author of the Great ScrumMaster: #ScrumMasterWay bookThe book is intended to give you a reference to general concepts which every ScrumMaster should understand and point you towards resources which may help you in resolving difficult situations.

This program is designed to practice agile coaching, agile facilitation, and described concepts so you build your own experience, and have an opportunity to practice it on your own situations at the class.

See more details about the book here.


The Agile Leader Book

My second book The Agile Leader: Leveraging the Power of Influence is looking at organizational agility and is focusing on the shift required from the leaders. Through practical exercises and assessments, you learn how to unleash your potential, become a better catalyst and community builder, sensibly apply transparency, improve functions from HR to finance, and guide entire organizations toward greater agility.

In today’s complex, fast-changing, and unpredictable world, radically agile organizations thrive when they combine strong local autonomy with deeply shared goals. Leadership is a key factor―individuals who welcome complexity and know how to leverage influence, culture, and organizational design to align widely distributed teams are integral to success.

See more details about the book here.

What’s next…

The Path to the CSP is just a beginning of your Great ScrumMaster Journey.

Continue to the expert level defined by Certified Scrum Trainer, Certified Team Coach, and Certified Enterprise Coach programs.

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